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Scalar — A Free-to-attend Scala Conference

 Warsaw, Poland

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Adam Warski

Programmer by day (scala), programmer by night (various). To his own surprise, sometimes writes a blog. Likes nice code.

Daniel Kos

Experienced C++/Java developer drifting towards functional languages. Passionate about computer graphics and games.

Krzysztof Grajek

Passionate programmer, constantly looking for new things to learn and explore. He codes all the time unless doing something else.

Jan Zborowski

One of the few normal persons among the geeks. Connects the IT world with the non-IT surroundings.

Michał Chmielarz

Java developer and passionate backend programmer, starting his adventure in Scala world.

Piotr Buda

Isn't scared of any programming language, he tried everything from Flex to Scala, from just hacking to DDD. Likes to play games.

Michał Ostruszka

Speaker and active member of local Java, Ruby and JS groups, conference speaker at Confitura, GeeCON, ABE, 4Developers.

Małgorzata Wojciechowska

Combines multiple skills: polish philology, landscape architecture, tour guiding and karate, to make Softwaremill a better place.